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Cabin Care Services


Cabin Watch

Complete cabin and property check

Weekly check of every room inside your cabin combined with a visual check of your cabin's exterior and your property.   After each check we will send you a text or email updating you on our visit.

Peace of Mind

Forget to lock your door or turn the temp down?

We have all had that moment when we worry that we forgot something.  Just give us a call and for no extra charge we will head to your property and make sure everything is in order.

Extra Services​

Headed to the area for the weekend

We are here to help make your life easier.   Turn the heat up, water plants, start cars, pest control, etc.... these are just some of the extras that we will do and NOT charge extra.

Problem Solvers

Low temp in the winter?

When things aren't working, we will be there to make sure everything gets fixed.   We will call, meet, and work with the contractor to make sure the job gets done and you stay updated along the way.

Security Contac​t

Is your security alarm going off in the middle of the night?

We are very aware that this is a 24-hour business.  When your alarm goes off make us the first call on your list.  Our location is right in the heart of Lake Shore and we can be to your property in just minutes.

Storm Reports

Snow or Thunder storms hit our area

Northern Minnesota weather is always unpredictable.  Both winter and summer storms can do damage to your property.  After these major events we will be on-site to provide you a report.

Property Management

Heating, Plumbing, Electric, Cleaning, Plowing & more

We have built great relationships with other Lakes Area businesses.   When your cabin has needs please let us know and we will get you connected with a person and company that you can trust.

Facilitate Rental/VRBO

Make money while we do the work

We are available to facilitate  from start to finish.  We can be there to give them the key, solve problems during their stay, and assess the condition of your property after the rental.